Nieuwsbericht 22 March 2021

Launch online viewer WaterRadar

WaterRadar connects water demand and supply

On World Water Day, Inagro, ILVO, VLAKWA and VITO launch the online viewer WaterRadar. This online tool makes it easy for farmers and horticulturalists to look for suitable alternative water sources near their parcels. The focus is on both treated domestic waste water plants and treated waste water from food processing companies. In addition, interested companies and local authorities can gain insight into the theoretical irrigation needs at a regional scale.

Estimation of irrigation needs

In order to better estimate the current irrigation needs at the parcel level, the partners of the VLAIO project ‘Irrigation 2.0’ work with soil moisture sensors, satellite images, weather records and a crop growth model. Soon growers will be able to follow up the irrigation needs of their cauliflower, spinach and potatoes parcels via the online VITO platform WatchITgrow. The AquaCrop model, developed at the United Nations Agricultural and Food Organization (FAO), is integrated to estimate the crop water needs, taking into account the crop growth stage, soil characteristics and weather conditions.

Water quality requires attention

Inagro conducts trials in which spinach, cauliflower and potatoes are irrigated with alternative water sources under controlled conditions. The irrigation water comes from a household wastewater treatment pant and from the frozen vegetable and potato processing sector. Inagro closely monitors the water quality, and its impact on the crop and soil.


The VLAIO project ‘Irrigation 2.0: When where which water?’ started on 1 October 2018 and runs for 4 years. Inagro coordinates the project and works together with the Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Nutrition Research (ILVO), the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and the Flemish Water Knowledge Centre (Vlakwa). The research is funded by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency and various co-financing organisations.