Nieuwsbericht 3 December 2020

Sector survey of arable farmers

Klimrek project


As a FARMER, can you be CLIMATE-CONSCIOUS  and make SMART ECONOMIC choices?

Klimrek is an agricultural VLAIO project that started in September 2019. The Agricultural Research Centre (ILVO), Innovation Support Centre (Innovatiesteunpunt) and VITO are working together for four years on climate measures for dairy farmers, pig farmers and arable farmers with potato in rotation.

Through the Klimrek project, the Innovatiesteunpunt van Boerenbond, ILVO and VITO want to help arable farming to be environmentally conscious, without losing sight of profitability.

The project partners look beyond the boundaries of the farm. The intended climate scan will take into account the entire life cycle of the agricultural product, up to and including the moment the product leaves the farm.

Call for the input of arable farmers

A sector survey is a first step for the arable farming with potatoes in their cultivation plan. With this survey, the project team wants to be able to make a thorough assessment of where the sector itself is worrying about  or experiencing problems, how arable farmers experience the climate problem (e.g. extreme weather conditions) and whether they are already thinking about measures. 
The project team wants to rely on their experience and expertise, and help to map/resolve concerns.

By completing the survey, the arable farmers can be co-architects of the climate scan for their sector.