Design your end-to-end solution with quality in mind

Once you’ve defined the concept, it’s time to get creative. Our design and development team helps by defining an architecture of your end-to-end solution and its components. We identify the ready-made building blocks from VITO and our trusted suppliers and partners, as well as custom development work to suit your particular needs.

Parallel to the design & development process, VITO Remote Sensing monitors the end-to-end system performance parameters of the designed solution. We mimic the operational environment and system modes for testing and validation purposes. Image and product quality lie at the core of each of our solutions, so we put all of our expertise in automated processing chains, calibration and validation methods to work.

  • end to end simulators
  • modelling and algorithmic research
  • level 0-level3 payload data ground segment (PDGS), prototyping and development