Go for smaller and smarter spaceborne imaging

Smaller satellites enable more accessible space research. Their compact size and limited mass drastically reduce cost without any loss of quality. VITO Remote Sensing develops minisat-compatible imagers and indispensable on-board processing units.

VITO Remote Sensing uses thorough simulation and analysis to choose the ideal instrument design and implement the right technologies, to suit your needs. 

CubeSats taken to new heights

Looking for an even more affordable solution? CubeSats are miniature satellites assembled from multiple 10x10x10 cm3 cubic units, making them easily customizable and highly cost-effective.  

In order to transmit the high quality images, VITO Remote Sensing combines all of its experience in instrument miniaturization, linear variable filter-based solutions and image processing into one image processing element. A single element that allows you to convert raw data into derived maps – in space.

 Current projects in this field include:

  • HyperScout (in orbit)
    The world’s first-ever miniature hyperspectral imager with on-board processing.
  • CHIEM (in development)
    12 MPixel hyperspectral & panchromatic imager with a medium spatial resolution of 25 m.
    The European Space Agency’s miniature satellite

VITO Remote Sensing helps you capture and use high-quality spaceborne images with miniature satellites for more insights, at less cost.