Get reliable quantitative information from your data

In remote sensing, signal disturbance by atmospheric influences is commonplace. Reflected light is scattered and absorbed by molecules and aerosols in the atmosphere, modifying the appearance of objects. To help you derive reliable quantitative information, VITO has developed its Atmospheric Correction (AC) software package: iCOR.

iCOR works for different optical sensor types

  • multi- and hyperspectral
  • line and frame sensors
  • air and space borne instruments.

 Its major features are:

  • ability to handle land and water targets – including optically complex waters like turbid estuaries
  • image-based water vapor and aerosol retrieval algorithms
  • additional supporting algorithms to account for specific effects
  • adaptable with minimal effort to other missions
  • continuous improvement and validation

You can configure the iCOR workflow for any operational need. Its design also enables a quick integration of new algorithms or processing sequencing, giving you plenty of room to experiment with future correction algorithms. 

iCOR: the multi-talented operational correction processor

iCOR is part of the Atmospheric Correction Inter-comparison eXercise (ACIX) organized by ESA and NASA. iCOR  is an atmospheric correction software which can be used to process a variety of airborne and satellite images. It can be used to process data for coastal waters, inland waters and land surfaces.
Since November 2018 iCOR can also be used to process drone images collected above water. 

iCOR is available for MERIS, Proba-V, Deimos, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Landsat-8. We offer a free version for Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Landat-8  as a plugin for the ESA Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP).

The iCOR software is developed through funding from the Belgian Science Policy, The European Space Agency and the European Commission.