High-tech, low-risk imaging solutions

Compact, low-mass and cost-effective: they’re your three basic requirements for anything mounted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Our remote sensing imaging cameras for earth observation live up to those expectations. And more.

VITO Remote Sensing offers the full imaging chain: from raw data acquisition to information creation itself. We leverage this expertise to design hyperspectral imaging cameras, develop new imaging technologies and advise which technologies to deploy – always with the end-user application in mind.

Looking at the bigger picture is how we create complete imaging solutions. It’s high-tech at low risk. What is your platform of choice?



  • UAV
    Derive detailed information for environmental, agricultural and vegetation monitoring.
    Solar powered stratospheric UAVs offer a new range of remote sensing capabilities.
  • Cubesat
    Spaceborne imaging capabilities within the ultra small volume of a cubesat.
  • Mini satellites
    High quality data from multi-and hyperspectral instruments inside a small satellite.
  • Hyperspectral
    A way of looking at the world by capturing the electromagnetic spectrum in hundreds of shades.